Prescription lens Tifosi Marzen Review

I have been using my Tifosi Marzen frames with photochromic lenses for a few weeks now and they have performed perfectly in all conditions.

I have worn glasses for 29 years and wear glasses daily, I just don't get on with contact lenses. I'm very sensitive to changes to my prescription and it can take a little while to get used to wearing a new frame. Straight away I found the Marzen frames very comfortable and my field of vision was excellent with the larger lens size.

So far I've ridden with the frames outdoor at night doing laps of the road circuit at Lee Valley Velopark and during the day at Herne Hill Velodrome and they have performed brilliantly. The photochromic lenses just work, they made a particularly sunny daytime track session a breeze, I didn't need to worry about changing glasses as the lenses just adapted to the light appropriately.

The photochromatic lenses adapt to light conditions perfectly

On a windy evening outside the larger lenses really protected my eyes and the rubberised sport arms did a great job of preventing slippage of the frames on my face. My prescription can cause the lenses to be on the heavy side but even sat indoors on the turbo for an hour and a half with an increasingly sweaty face the frames still stayed in place. Having the option of easily interchangeable arms is a big plus for the Marzen frames as well if you want a more casual look rather than always using the sportier rubberised arms.

My prescription is fairly complex with astigmatism in both eyes but Rx Sport did a perfect job of glazing the frames, which can sometimes be a worry with ordering prescription lenses online.  My vision was perfect straight away and the prescription was obviously perfect with the frames. The shape of the Marzen frame is a great match for prescription lenses and I'd highly recommend them if anyone is looking for a rock-solid pair of glasses or sunglasses for racing purposes or for casual use.

The finished photochromatic lenses before fitting

ZyroFisher distribute a variety of Tifosi frames in varying shapes and sizes that can be glazed by Rx Sport to match your prescription perfectly including Vero, Synapse, Veloce, Camrock, Dolomite 2.0, Hagen XL 2.0, Bronx, Marzen and many more*. Rx Sport will take your prescription details and produce and quality check the lenses to order. Really simple with great results.

*Please note that shield type sunglasses will usually need an adapter to fit a prescription. To check please check your local retailer or Rx Sport before purchase.

Quality testing the lenses

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